11 Jun 2024

Meanwhile, a product designer will be introducing their mockups and prototypes to different demographics to see how they interact with them. This could be a more holistic process than the UX designer’s data-driven testing, focused more on how the user feels and how easily they’re able to pick up and start using the product. Various organizations extend their expertise in the field of UX design services, and our team at SumatoSoft is a prime example of this.

product designer vs ux designer

Saves your settings and preferences, like your location, for a more personalized experience. Governs the storage of data necessary for maintaining website security, user authentication, and fraud prevention mechanisms. Their work involves the entirety of the product, from concept to finish.

What is a UX designer?

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product designer vs ux designer

The process of UX design begins with comprehending user needs and behaviors. UX designers use human-centered design principles that require extensive user research, including testing, surveys, and interviews. UX designers strive to create solutions that match user preferences and expectations, thereby improving the user experience. Yet, there’s no doubt that product designers and UX designers are a crucial part of today’s world. Without them, we’d be completely lost in the digital maze, without an instinctive user interface to help solve our myriad problems. Much like the job, UX designer vs. product designer salaries are similar.

What Is Product Design

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product designer vs ux designer

They’ll both have to use video calls and shared whiteboards for user interviews, as well as tools like Google Analytics for measuring the performance of new changes. While their work plays a role in the final product, UX designers focus strictly on the user experience. “UX designers learn how people use the products and have a user journey focus,” says Chow.

Product Designer Job Description & Responsibilities

Product designers are more likely to use product sketching, 3D modeling software, and product testing. Using these techniques and tools, they will be able to build both the physical and digital components of their desired product. Considering the breadth of skills that a product designer is required to have, they very often command greater salaries than their UX designer counterparts. Where product design has a wide overview of the process, UX design trains a laser focus on how a user interacts with the interface of a product.

This is generally reflected in the salary, with product designers often getting paid more due to higher demand. UX designers often return to a project when the design system needs updating or when product designers have usability issues they’re struggling to fix. Additionally, the way these roles are distributed within an organization can greatly differ, depending on the size and structure of the company. Product Design is a comprehensive, holistic process that incorporates the conception, design, development, and implementation of a product or service. At its core, UX or User Experience Design, is an essential process that revolves around crafting an engaging, effective, and enjoyable experience for individuals interacting with digital platforms. While the UI designer is concerned with the product’s look, the UX designer focuses on how it feels when you use it.

Product Design vs. UX / UI Design

In order to solve these problems, product designers will assemble teams to facilitate solutions, create multiple test plans, produce wireframes and go through rounds of A/B testing. A product designer will also support the developers through the launch process, as well as working alongside the marketing teams to ensure synergy between the brand and the product. You could argue that product designers are generalists (design, marketing, data analysis, coding, user behavior) while UX designers are user experience specialists. UXPin is a design tool built to enhance collaboration between UX and product teams. UX designers and product designers can use UXPin to comment, assign tasks, and communicate throughout the design process. How UX designers and product designers are “distributed” through a company will vary case by case.

product designer vs ux designer

Wireframing tools like Balsamiq and Figma are commonly used by both designers, as well as user mapping software like Lucid Chart and Overflow. Product designers are responsible for the entire process of creating a product, from the initial concept to the final design. They have a broad skill set that includes user research, prototyping, and product strategy.

Creative Tech Careers: An Expert’s Advice

Product designers are responsible for the overall product strategy, while UX/UI designers focus on creating a user interface that is easy to use and visually appealing. Both roles are essential for creating successful digital products that meet the needs of the users and the business. The primary difference between product designers and UX/UI designers is their scope of work. Product designers are responsible for the overall product strategy and work closely with stakeholders to ensure that the product meets the needs of the users and the business.

These techniques help ensure that users can easily find the information they need. Though the role of a UX designer might seem broad, this pales in comparison to the all-inclusive sweep of a product designer. UX designers will often be experienced in user research, interaction design, and information architecture. The employment outlook for product and UX designers is expected to grow, though working with digital products will likely have more opportunities. Product and UX design help create a product that satisfies the end user’s needs in the ever-changing business world. Although the two may have similar goals, the differences between the two are huge and need to be taken into account when deciding between the two.

In UX design this will involve endless A/B testing to increase successful journeys, whether that means a purchase or a complete onboarding. As the bar for “usability” gets higher every year, UX designers will be doing regular usability studies to keep the site up-to-date with user expectations. A 21st-century product designer is doing the same thing in software—coming up with ideas, sketching wireframes, and then guiding the app’s design through its development into a real product.

  • There are many similarities between UX design and product design.
  • These differences are important to consider when thinking about recruitment.
  • A product designer is much more of a generalist than a UX designer.
  • They are responsible for creating a visually appealing design that is consistent with the brand and the product’s message.
  • This is one of the reasons why product designer to UX designer and vice versa are extremely well-trodden career paths.

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